Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introduce you Hot Inazma Pocket SUPER

Greatly to introduce you our new line product from SUN Automobile. HotInazma Pocket Super is a newer and enhanced version of its predecessor HotInazma Pocket.

With HotInazma Pocket Super, it helps you realize your vehicle full potential more than HotInazma Pocket. The function of reducing the electrical loads is greatly improved. It also deodorizes and provides relaxing effect by releasing negative ions. Thus, it reduces unwanted odors in your vehicle.

This second generation HotInazma Pocket Super provides all features that HotInazma Pocket does.

  • Increased Power & Torque

  • Increased Stability Headlight Illumination

  • Reduced Popping & Unwanted Noise in Audio System

  • Improve Gas Mileage & reduced emissions
HotInazma Pocket Super comes in Golden color. This device is specialized for 12v car system that easily attached in the standard cigar socket.

You can send your enquiries via Contact Us or email Besides you may visit our office situated at Old Klang Road as illustrated on the map.