Friday, April 24, 2009


PIAA's latest wiper blade - VERA a sleek contemporary design world-class silicone wiper.


  • Hook style only
  • Evenly balanced and less friction
  • Revolutionary beading action
  • Low profile, AEROdynamic design
  • Silicone coating action
  • Highest quality silicone rubber compound

See PIAA VERA in action. Official commercial video from PIAA (Japan).


Friday, April 17, 2009

Kaleidoscope of Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp

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Install Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp just that Easy and Simple

Luxer1 Point Lamp is a waterproof and universal fit product. It can be installed anywhere both interior and exterior of your car. Near the side door, bonnet, under the seat etc. Anywhere.

Luxer1 LED Point Lamp various application both interior and exterior

Not need to drill any hole to install it and damage your car body; No headache is it compatible or not; Not need to worry where to install it. What you need is your brilliant imagination, simple tools and wires.

Let's see, what can we do with Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp?

Here is the stuff. Inside consists of 1 strong adhesive double sided tape (3M), 1 Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp, 1 metal plat and a manual is printed behind the packaging.

Luxer1 LED Point Lamp Unpack

I tested my Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp with my power transformer 12v.

Test LED Point Lamp

Do not misconnecting the wire as might damage the LED. See the Luxer Smart LED Point Lamp instruction at the behind of the packaging.

Luxer1 Installation Instruction

The metal is used to stick Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp on it and installed at area example carpet.

Luxer1 LED Point Lamp and metal

With a proper wiring, all you need to do is to decide the ideal location where the Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp to be installed.

Make sure route the wires accordingly.
That's it, Luxer1 Smart LED Point Lamp just Easy and Simple.

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